Finding cheapest universities in Canada doesn’t seem easier as it used to be in the past, due to the current economy situation in the World as a result of the pandemic outbreak.

As a student who wish to study in Canada, one of the things you check out for is the affordability of the universities in Canada, thus the search for cheapest universities in Canada becomes a priority.

Canada homes many international students who sought refuge and some education there, and over the years, the result of studying and staying in Canada has been fascinating. Do you know that education in Canada is far cheaper than in other countries?

Canada has one of the most developed educational systems; not only this, the environment and setting of things over there could make you decide never to return to your home country any longer; however, we have provided you with information on what you need to know about each of the cheapest universities in Canada, not only this, we will be giving you some information that will help you in your application process.

In a survey done, it was discovered that students who applied and are currently studying in Canada chose Canadian universities because the tuition fee of some of these universities, comfort of living, and the academic profile of the universities are far better than that of other countries, is that not enough reason to further your education in this clime?

Why should you study in Canada?

  • It’s affordable

Do a background check on universities in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and other English-speaking nations globally. You will discover the cost of a degree in Canada is far better for these nations.

  • The reputation

Taking a look at the ranking of education in any country, Canada has gotten a good reputation.

  • Ease of living

For international students who are considering ease of living in a country of study, you have to consider Canada; things are easy, mode of living, and living cost is straightforward.

  • Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students

The tuition fee you will be paying as an international student depends on the type of program you are embarking on. If you target a Bachelor’s degree, you should budget between 7,200 and 49,800 USD as a tuition fee per year. If your target program is a Master’s degree, you should budget between 3,200 and 42,800 USD.

affordable universities in Canada

Top Cheapest Universities In Canada

Here are the top best universities in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • The University of Montreal.

These listed universities are known globally as the best universities; you can obtain quality education with the most affordable tuition fee.

Here is the Tuition Fee Breakdown

  • University of Toronto
  • Master’s Degree Tuition: $6,900 – $22,640
  • Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $42,870 – $49,800


  • University of British Columbia
  • Master’s Degree Tuition: $8,605
  • Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $25,978 – $36,588


  • McGill University
  • Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,816
  • Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $16,815 – $45,263


  • McMaster University
  • Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,761 – $17,096
  • Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $20,808 – $27,978


  • University of Montreal
  • Master’s Degree Tuition: $16,372
  • Bachelor’s Degree Tuition: $13,048 – $16,990

Cheap Bachelor Degree issuing Universities in Canada

Here is the list of cheap and most affordable universities in Canada for international students with full information.

  • Brandon University
  • Degree Programs: BA, BBA, BEd, BFA, BM, BN, BSc
  • Location: Brandon, Manitoba
  • Tuition: $7,203

cheapest universities in Canada

The record has demonstrated that Brandon University has built a good rapport with international students over the years. This institution has an education prospect that gives one-on-one professor research and interactions, which is not common in most universities, and it’s amazing to find this school among the cheapest universities in Canada. The school portal is currently active for registration from international students.

  • Université de Saint-Boniface
  • Tuition: $7,482
  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Degree Programs this university offers include;

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts
  • Social Work
  • Translation
  • Science
  • Nursing
  • Business and Education.


If you wish to further your education at the master level, you may do it at the University of Manitoba. It is not the cheapest, but it’s certainly among the cheapest universities in Canada.

One of the things you must have at the back of your mind as an international applicant is that you must learn to communicate, at least in French. Also, it would help if you had a certain level of English proficiency.

  • University of Guelph
  • Tuition: $9,730
  • Location: Guelph, Ontario

University of Guelph is not the cheapest, but it’s among the best and cheapest universities in Canada.

Degree Programs run in this university include the following;

Bachelor’s Degrees in following Colleges;

  • Arts
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business & Economics
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences
  • Social & Applied Human Sciences

As an international student, there is assistance the university renders to you, including English language study, visa applications, accommodation, and access to an advisor designated to international students by the university.

  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • Degree Programs: Three- and four-year BA, BSc, BBA, and Master’s Programs
  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Tuition: $10,003

In this university, you have over 19 major Degree program you may apply for an international student; the university environment is friendly and accommodating. You have the best hands as facilitators and a good design research center.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Degree Programs: More than 100 programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Certificates
  • Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland
  • Tuition: $11,460

In this university, there is a various sector that has been designed to aid your stay there memorable and seamless. There are offices for students on advisory roles, internationalization of offices and groups for international students—this a brilliant idea for any international student seeking admission into any international university.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Tuition: $3,222
  • Location: St. Johns, Newfoundland

This university is the best in the Masters and Doctorate programs. The joy is, there is two option for students, you may choose to attend classes online or make yourself available in person. Their programs cut across Humanities & Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary Programs, Professional Programs, and Sciences. This makes it our top pick among the cheapest universities in Canada.

  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • Tuition: $3,297
  • Location: Prince George, British Columbia
  • Degree Programs: MBA, MSc, MEd, MEng, MScN, MSW, Graduate Certificates, and Doctorate programs

Here is another university offering international students ample opportunity to have their Master’s program done with a very cheap tuition fee.

  • University of Calgary
  • Tuition: $3,693
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Degree Programs: Offers course-based and research-based Masters and Doctorate degrees in a variety of subjects.

Do you need to study in Canada and hoping to get your Master’s program done as soon as possible?? Then this is the best and cheapest universities in Canada you should consider;

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Degree Programs: Over 80 Masters and Doctorate degrees. Specializing in research and medical fields
  • Tuition: $4,358
  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The name sound is astonishing, but it is one of the universities that make studying seamless. This university is a full-time internet-based university where you do all of your studying online without necessarily having one-on-one contact with your tutors. The university-run programs in the following area Bachelor’s, Associate, and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Business, Education, and Health Science.

  • Simon Fraser University
  • Tuition: $3,743
  • Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Degree Programs offered at this university include;

Variety of graduate programs in Arts & Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Business, Environment, Communication, Health Sciences, Art & Technology, Education, and Science. Simon Fraser University is another great pick if you’re concerned about finding the cheapest universities in Canada.

Cost of Living in Canada for Students

In the most developed nation, the cost of living is usually extremely high for citizens not to talk about international students. If you are planning to book accommodation in the large metropolis, you are planning on a debt journey; the houses in such areas, according to the Canadian Rental housing index, are not affordable for students and the common man.

How to Apply to Canadian Universities

If you are an international student and you are applying for study in Canada, then you need to submit the following;

  • Resume
  • letters of recommendation
  • A translated copy of your transcript
  • educational history
  • Proof of finances
  • Passport information
  • English proficiency
  • International application

It would help if you also considered you would require a student visa to study for a longer Canada duration. For you to apply for a student visa, you have to proceed to register online, and it will cost you $150; However, here are the documents required of you to have a successful registration;

  • proof of finances
  • proof of health and general well-being
  • evidence of no criminal record
  • your university acceptance letter.

We recommend that your student visa application process starts immediately; you have gotten your admission letter from a Canadian university.



Are you an international student who is looking out for cheapest universities in Canada, and you are willing to kick off with your travel journey to Canada? Kindly visit the Canada Study Portal today to find out about travel & Immigration costs.

These schools being listed among the cheapest universities in Canada doesn’t deny them their positions among best schools in Canada.

After application, the Canadian government needs proof of having above CAD 10,000 after your tuition fee to guarantee students have the resources to cater to themselves outside their countries. However, you can consider applying for a fully-funded scholarship by the Canadian government to reduce the cost of study from you. Feel free to return to this page from time to time to find out more about cheapest universities in Canada. There are tons of cheapest universities in Canada, but our list comprises of the best among the cheapest universities in Canada.


While looking out for cheapest universities in Canada, it is advisable to check out the courses offered by these institutions. Most people who keep searching for cheapest universities in Canada do not put this into consideration, and end up being disappointed at the end.

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